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Author Spotlight with Andrea Johnston

I first met Andrea as a reader many years ago. We formed a beautiful friendship on a review blog that we were both part of. She joined the author world shortly after, and it's been wonderful to watch her flourish. She is an amazing friend, and super talented author.

Andrea Johnston is in a committed relationship with Bravo and the Hallmark channel. When she isn't watching a catfight on TV or the lastest romantic flick, she writes swoony small-town romances full of heart and sass.

Andrea lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and dogs where you'll usually find her with a book in her hand and cocktail at the ready next to her.

When did you first want to become a writer?

I’ve always been a storyteller and loved writing and have been doing both as far back as I can remember. I don’t know that I ever thought writing was something I could do as a profession. Growing up, authors were these unattainable people like Stephen King and

Jackie Collins.

What is the muse behind your writing? If you have one.

I don’t have a single muse per se. I do a Pinterest board for each book I write but even those aren’t uniform. Sometimes it’s one person’s lips and another’s back. There have been a few celebrities that have “inspired” parts of my characters physically but truthfully, I don’t have a single muse. OH WAIT! I mean, I have a pretty awesome husband and he does inspire the heroes in many ways.

What do you think makes a good story?

For me as a reader, a good story begins with a solid foundation for each of the main characters. I want to understand them so their struggles and triumph matter to me. As a writer, I think a good story requires development. Drawing the reader into scenes and emotions in a way they feel transported is important.

How many books have you written? Which was your favourite? 

Don’t laugh but I just had to count. I can never remember. I’m currently writing my 18 th book. Three of those 18 are co-written with M.E. Carter. In addition to that, I have a few box sets.

Who is your celebrity crush at the moment?

Eric Church. I love his music, his attitude, and his love of whiskey.

If you ask any 4 authors alive or dead for advice who would they be and why?

Oh wow that’s a tough one. Hmm… I want to say some of my friends just

because, man do I need a girl’s weekend. I am going to choose Nora Roberts, Marie Force, and Susan Mallery. Specifically because I want to absorb all their knowledge but also to discuss long running series and Romantic Suspense. And, Jackie Collins. I grew up reading her books long before it was appropriate. She was an icon.

Do you have any interesting quirks while you are writing? 

I will move around until I find my mojo. Sometimes I’ll write an entire book on the couch, others on the back deck, or in my office. But, I always write a sex scene on the


Do you have a picture of your writing space, or can you describe it for me? 

I have an office that I mostly use for storage and packaging. I get lonely in

there. But really I sit on my couch with my laptop.

Can you tell us about an author you know that you wish more people knew about? Do you have their author links so we can stalk them?

This a very long list. I have been part of this indie world for about 7 years as a reader then a blogger and finally an author. I don’t think M.E. Carter, J.D. Hollyfield, Jennifer Van Wyk, Jennifer Rebecca, Jodie Larson, Eden Butler, KC Enders, Hilaria Alexander, or Victoria L. James get enough love. That’s not even my entire list but I think everyone should keep an eye out for Piper Sheldon and Anna Michael. Both are going to do tremendous things in our indie community.

How many plot ideas do you have that are just waiting to be written? Can you share one with us?

Gosh, a lot. I think of things regularly. I have one that I’ve wanted to write for years. It’s very Hallmark-y and light. I have a few Romantic Suspense stories running through my mind. But, I love small town and it’s where I’m most comfortable. I am planning on two new series coming in 2021 and 2022. Both have the small town theme.

Fun question:

You are stuck on a remote island for 6 months with enough food and water to keep you going. You are allowed to find three items on the beach to keep you sane. What are they?

Does my husband count as one? He’ll do all the fire building and cuddle with me. Also, a fully charged Kindle with at least 10 box sets queued up and ready to be read and maybe a hammock for all the naps.

New Release:

Love Her (Military Men of Lexington #3

Coming 7/23/20

Stalk Andrea here:

Amazon author page:

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